Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Do you ship outside the UK?

A: Yes we do. We happily ship unframed prints across the world. Shipping costs on our website are for UK shipping only. Please contact the gallery for shipping costs to your country. 

Q: How will I know when my purchase has shipped?

A: When your purchase is ready to ship, we'll send you a Shipping Notification with a tracking number. This will help you follow it through the delivery system. Sometimes Shipping Notifications will drop into your JUNK box (I know, how rude!!), so please do check there.


Q: Can I add framing to my order?

A: Yes, you can add framing to your order. We are updating our website to offer this option but if your item doesn't show this option, then please contact the gallery and we can update your order. If placing an order with framing, please add your phone number. Sometimes we'll have a query and it makes it easier (and quicker!) to contact you.

Q: How much will it cost to frame my print?

A: Framing costs will depend on the size of your print, and your mount, frame & glass choice. We recommend that you have your print professionally framed. A bespoke frame will not only look better but it will also better protect your lovely artwork. 

Q: Do you use glass on frames?

A: As a standard we choose glass for our framed prints but if you would prefer acrylic picture frame "glass", just let us know and we'll arrange that option for you.

Q: How will my print be framed?

A: We have a few framing options but generally we'll follow these rules

  • Deckled edged prints will be float mounted, meaning that the print is mounted to give appearance of floating within the frame. This is sometimes known as "top mounting"
  • Straight edged prints will be box framed, meaning that wooden fillets are used to separate the print from the glass. 
  • Another option is to use a "flat" mount where the print is framed up against the glass. We don't recommend this option.
  • As a standard, we don't tend to use a mount on our framed prints. If you would prefer a mount, just let us know and we can arrange that option for you. 
Q: How long will it take to frame my print?
A: Generally we allow 3 weeks for your to framed print to arrive. We'll ship to you as soon as your frame is ready. We have many (many!!) framed prints in the gallery, so often your print will ready to ship.