• Haus of Lucy: Drunk As A Laird


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    Edition: 1 Unique piece

    Artwork Dimension: 34cm x 12cm x 10cm

    Description: Sculpture of a found ceramic figurine, embellished with polymer clay, dolls house bottle, ceramic paint

    Signed original sculpture

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    Laird Stewart of Rutherglen sniffed the red rose in his hand and hiccupped loudly. After several bottles of Buckfast and Blossom Hill he had decided it would be romantic to serenade his new girlfriend by singing 'Hold Me While You Wait' by Lewis Capaldi outside her bedroom window and then presenting her with said rose. He was confident she'd look down upon him and fall deeply, deeply in love with him. The only trouble was, Laird S didn't realise he'd dribbled red wine all down himself and he'd forgotten he was still wearing his stylish headgear. Somehow, the likelihood of him still having a girlfriend the next day was looking pretty remote.