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Christmas Opening Hours
Monday 16th: By appointment 
Tuesday 17th: By appointment 
Wednesday 18th: 11-5
Thursday 19th: 11-5
Friday 20th: 11-5
Saturday 21st : 11-5.30
Sunday 22nd: 12-5

Monday 23rd: 11-5
Tuesday: 11-4
Wednesday 25th: Closed
Thursday 26th: Closed
Friday 27th: Closed
Saturday 28th: 11-5
Sunday 29th: 12-5

Monday 30thBy appointment 
Tuesday 31st: By appointment 
Wednesday 1st: Closed
Thursday 2nd: Closed
Friday 3rd: Closed
Saturday 4th: 11-5.30
Sunday 5th: 12-5

Monday 6th By appointment 
Tuesday 7th: By appointment 
Wednesday 8th:11-5
Thursday 9th: 11-5
Friday 10th: 11-5
Saturday 11th: 11-5.30
Sunday 12th: 12-5

Subversion Gallery is located in Ruthven Mews Arcade.

Subversion Gallery
4 Ruthven Mews Arcade
57 Ruthven Lane
Glasgow, G12 9BG
0141 237 5575


  • On Byres Road, look for Hillhead Subway Station
  • Almost opposite is Ruthven Street, which features Glasgow's famous tenement buildings
  • Go to the end of Ruthven Street, then turn LEFT. Ruthven Mews Arcade is then facing you. 
  • You should see the Chakoo Bombay Cafe restaurant. We're right next door.
  • If you use What3Words, search: mounts.counts.caged

Ruthven Mews Arcade can also be accessed through Ruthven Lane, just off Byres Road. 

The West End is well served by public transport.