Subversion Opening Hours

Monday: Closed

Tuesday: Closed

Wednesday: Closed

Thursday: By Appointment 

Friday: 11-4.45

Saturday: 11-4.45

Sunday: 12-5

  • When you visit, you'll notice that we operate within the recommended hygiene & distancing guidelines, with a 1 way system system in place
  • We respectfully request that a face covering is worn when in the gallery
  • If you prefer, we can also meet by Zoom for a virtual tour. Just call us!
Private Views

  • We are available for private views, Thursday -Sunday
  • If you'd prefer a private view, please call 0141 237 5575 for availability
  • If you're planning a special visit on a day that we're not open, please do give us a call and we'll try our best to accommodate your plans

Where to find Subversion Gallery

  • Subversion Gallery is located in Ruthven Mews Arcade, just off Ruthven Lane.  
  • Our address is:
    Subversion Gallery
    4 Ruthven Mews Arcade
    57 Ruthven Lane
    Glasgow G12 9BG

How to find Subversion Gallery

  • From Byres Road, look for Hillhead Subway Station
  • Almost opposite, across Byres Road, is Ruthven Street, which features Glasgow's famous tenement buildings
  • Walk/ Drive up Ruthven Street
  • Go to the end of Ruthven Street, then turn LEFT. Ruthven Mews Arcade is then facing you. 
  • You should see (and smell!) the delicious Chakoo Bombay Cafe restaurant. We're right next door with Ruthven Mews Arcade
  • Ruthven Mews Arcade can also be accessed through Ruthven Lane, just off Byres Road. 
  • If you use the What3Words app search: mounts.counts.caged
  • If you get lost, please call us 0141 237 5575 and we'll talk you through it
  • The West End is well served by public transport