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Summer Opening Hours

Mon: By appointment

Tues: By apppointment
Wed: By appointment 
Thur: By appointment
Fri:    11- 5.00
Sat:   11- 5.30
Sun:  12- 5.00

Subversion Gallery is located in Ruthven Mews Arcade.

Subversion Gallery
4 Ruthven Mews Arcade
57 Ruthven Lane
Glasgow, G12 9BG
0141 237 5575


On Byres Road, look for Hillhead Subway Station. Almost opposite is Ruthven Street, which features Glasgow's famous tenement buildings. Go to the end of Ruthven Street, then turn LEFT. Ruthven Mews Arcade is then facing you. You should see Di Maggio's restaurant. We're right next door.

Ruthven Mews Arcade can also be accessed through Ruthven Lane, off Byres Road. 

The West End is well served by public transport.